League of Gentlemen BBC Comedy Series, full orchestral soundtracks for two series, Christmas Special 2000 and live tour 2001
The Edwardian Country House Channel 4 documentary, title music, 2002
Equinox Channel 4, two series
Grass BBC
Composer: Joby Talbot
Hawking BBC drama
Orchestral recording session, jazz recording session
Air Studios
Mine All Mine ITV drama series
Composer: Murray Gold
(Guitar & saxophone player for TV recording)
Paul Merton - The Series Channel 4, title music
Queens Park Love Story BBC, Short film
National Film & TV Awards 2000 Royal Albert Hall
Real Men BBC, 2 part drama
Composer: Daniel Pemberton.  Arranger: Andrew Skeet
Orchestral recording - Landsdowne Studios
Tales of Moral Uplift BBC, TV series with Rik Mayall
Tomorrow's World BBC, title music
The Trench BBC documentary, title music, 2002
Wild West BBC, TV series with Dawn French - 2002
Composer: Joby Talbot
Orchestral recording - Landsdowne Studios
World in Action two episodes

Bridget Jones's Diary Working Title, featured soundtrack and appearance
Kiss of Life Composer: Murray Gold
Orchestral recording, jazz quartet recording - Air Studios

Anchor Butter advert
Cadbury's Flake advert
Nescafe advert
Pedigree Chum advert
Renault advert - 'Drums' with Thierry Henri (Bass player for filming)